Datasection Inc. OUR VISION
Upgrade  lifestyle all over the world with Data Analysis.OUR VISION

“The integration of technology and society” has been our philosophy since being founded in 2000.

Technological buzzword or not, big data analysis or machine learning are the core of our services.

Datasection sees technology only as a way to help build better lives for people, and will continue to push the envelope regardless of the latest industrial trend. We also value the balance between timely development speed for application and technological robustness.

Low birthrate coupled with an aging population, dwindling labor force and food problems are social issues across the world, Datasection will continue to address these problems with our technology.

Our strength in data analysis is in NLP (textual data), image processing and voice analysis. These research will be helpful in optimizing the current workforce.

We will be leading in the work of solving social problems with data and technology, aiming to bring an impact to the society with our business.

Change the Frame

This is the mission of ours.

Realize our mission, we pursue the vision of“With Data Analysis,upgrade lifestyle all over the world”.

– We truly think that .