Datasection Inc.


Social Media Marketing

Discover consumer insight from social media

Social media is a treasure trove of the “real voice” of consumers. It is an important data source for corporate marketing. We can discover consumer insight in the vast amount of social media data to accelerate your marketing.

Usage scenes for various tasks and purposes

We provide web tools that support marketing and risk monitoring operations

  • ネット上の消費者の声を自由に検索・分析できるソーシャルリスニングツールです

    Insight Intelligence Q

    A standard social listening tool that allows you to freely search and analyze the consumer voices on the web.

  • ネット上の声を常に観測して、変化があればメールでお知らせするサービスです

    Social Monitor

    A risk monitoring tool that constantly checks the consumer voices on the web and notifies you by email when an abnormality occurs.

Retail Marketing

Supporting store improvement and sales increase based on customer behavior

We believe that the future of store operations will rely on the understanding of customers and the optimization of their shopping experience. We will help to create a store improvement cycle based on customer behavior, continually stimulating store sales growth.

We provide web tools to analyze the behavior of your store visitors

  • リアル店舗の来店客の行動を常時分析できる店舗分析ツールです


    A web tool that analyzes the behavior of customers in a physical store and discovers the potential of the store.

  • 店舗分析ツール「FollowUP」は店舗のデータ化や顧客行動をベースとした店舗改善を実現します

AI / Solution Development

We solve your problems with advanced AI and big data analysis technologies

Datasection provides AI and system services to solve problems in various fields by using image processing technology in addition to NLP(textual data) technology, big data collection and analysis technology that we have developed in our social media marketing business. We can also provide an one-stop service, from problem identification to custom-made development, operation and improvement, according to the customerʼs needs. Based on our extensive experience in AI development and system operation, we provide AI that can be utilized in real business.