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service 01Data Science

For Business Success. Your Best Partner in Data Science
Datasection offers comprehensive services for data-driven management. Our goal is to meet all of your needs, from planning the implementation of your data infrastructure to its utilization.

Consulting chevron_rightTransforming data into strategic assets, supporting data-driven management
Data Infrastructure / BI Tool Construction chevron_rightSupport for the design and construction of data infrastructure and BI tools
Data Analysis / Algorithm Development chevron_rightSupport for large-scale data analysis and AI development
Education and Human Resource Development chevron_rightTraining of data scientists

service 02Marketing Solutions

Improving stores based on customer behavior. Supporting increased sales.
We believe that understanding customers and optimizing customer experiences are essential for the future operation of stores. At Datasection, we create a cycle of store improvement based on customer behavior and support the continuous improvement of your store sales.

FollowUP chevron_rightFollowUP Image
Visualize various store performances, a visit count service.
FollowUPchevron_rightFollowUP Image  by Jach Technology SpA
Support in the area of retail marketing in 20 countries around the world, with a focus on South America
ATIKO chevron_rightATIKO Image
In-store analytics based on customer behavior.
Insight Intelligence Q chevron_rightInsight Intelligence Q Image
Social listening tool for analyzing SNS (X) data.
Social Listening Toolschevron_rightsolid intelligence
Overseas social media analysis and overseas market research

service 03System Integration

Supporting corporate challenges with advanced AI and big data utilization technologies.
Data and AI, along with cutting-edge digital technologies, enable smarter, faster, and more efficient business processes. As a powerful partner for companies aiming to achieve the next digital transformation, we solve various challenges.